Austin debate: I say SOCIAL! You say ISM! SOCIAL! ISM! SOCIAL! ISM!

Liveblogging the debate.

Obama won the draw, chose to go second. Not only is he winning all the delegates, he’s winning the draw, too! Wah!

Hillary name-drops as many famous Texan politicians as she can.
What is Obama writing? Why is he always writing? Maybe he’s “writing” some more famous speeches.

Hillary mentions Walter Reed, the hospital whose policies that the DEMOCRATIC congress decided.

Obama’s tie looks like a Pizza Hut tablecloth. He says “Our economy is in shambles.” Damn, not ten minutes in and the idiocy starts. “I met a woman who only gets three hours of sleep a night because she works a night job and goes to school …” he spouts off more stories of people in situations because of their choices. How is that my fault? This is the big set up to his entitlement promises.

Obama: “Washington has become a place where good ideas go to die.” Who says that they are good ideas?

More “bringing the country together with hope and change and change for hope” talk. Barack says he’s running for president so “America can be as good as its promise.” WTF?

Some Latino guy asks a question. I love hearing Hillary say “Whore-hay” (guy’s name is Jorge).

Hillary talks about Cuba. Would she meet with Raul Castro? No. “Not unless change was happening. Not unless they are committed to changing their direction.” Bravo, Hillary. I can actually applaud her for that. First glimpse of someone who understands foreign policy.

Obama says he would meet with Raul Castro. Of course he would, the man had a Che flag in his Houston campaign office. “I would meet without preconditions.” Do you need any more evidence that this man is a socialist? Seriously, shall I draw you a PIE CHART?

Then he says “Oh yeah, well, I’d need to see some change. What she said. Yeah.”

Past presidents of this country understood that an audience with the USA was a privilege, not a right. Hillary gets that, Obama doesn’t.

Hillary would use “aggressive diplomacy.” WTF is “aggressive diplomacy?” As opposed to passive diplomacy? Gawd, the rethoric.

Obama: “Bush’s unilateralism has caused so much damage.” “…Bush’s foreign policy has done so much damage.”

He just hit on what I wrote: he said that if we act like an audience with us is a privilege then we act like we’re above everyone else.

Um, AND?

Again, he’s totally clueless.

Obama: “End Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.”
Oh PLEASE. Take an economics class, halfwit.

Hillary wants bigger government to stop distributors from buying lead-toys from China. Because people don’t have the brains to make their own choices.

Oh! Here she is with her “moratorium on foreclosures and freeze interest rates for five years” shtick. It’s not the homeowner’s fault AT ALL that they lived beyond their means.

The phrase “end tax cuts for the wealthy” = “I know sh*t about economics.”

Hillary: “We need to end George Bush’s war on science.”

Hillary says illegal aliens should “pay a fine.” OOOOOH. A fine. SCARY.

Obama: OMG. “It’s discriminatory” to persecute illegal aliens because they have to hire a lawyer and pay thousands in legal fees and they just can’t afford it.” HUCK THAT. It’s discriminatory for them to come over here illegally. How about that, eh?

Hillary says “There is a smart way to protect the borders and a dumb way to protect the borders.”

Hillary is debating like a VP candidate, not like a frontrunner. She says things like “When WE voted …” and defends both her and Obama’s vote for the border fence. Interesting.

“I don’t want two classes of citizens in this country,” says Obama. Well, I don’t want to punish the citizens who are here already.

Why the hell all this attention on illegal immigration. And a question on bilingual-ization the country?! Hillary says that English should be the main language that it would be “inappropriate” to make it official. It would be “discriminatory.”
It’s not for other countries, WHY IS IT HERE.
I can’t believe I’d see the day that we govern on “feelings.” OMG.

Obama, idiot, this isn’t about teching kids different languages, it’s about making a certain language official. Any country, in order to be successful, needs a standard language through which to operate. It’s necessary economically, for safety, education, etc.
He says that “No Child Left Behind” is “so focused on standardized tests than foreign language has been pushed out.” Has he even read the damn content of that bill? Holy cow.

CNN asks about their dirty tactics against each other to liven up the debate.
Hillary: “I think our next president needs to be a lot less hat and a lot more cattle.” Aw, that smacks of Bill’s handiwork.

Quit saying “We!” Gawd! Debate on your own merit! Must you always cleave to a man, Hill?

Oooh, here’s the “name one accomplishment” dig. Obama is cocking his head up to the sky as if to avoid smelling his own fart. Just an observation.

Obama goes on a rhetoric speech. Shut up man, if youre not going to offer any details on how you’d ENACT all these dreams of yours. Hey, I want WORLD PEACE. That’s it. I’m not going to tell you HOW I’d go about it, just that I want it.

How are we going to make healthcare/education/etc affordable? asks Obama? Hope and change! Oh, and a $4,000 tuition credit in exchange for national service? SNEAKY.

OH SNAP! Hilary just called him out on plagiarizing his speeches! And people booed her! Betch is right, though! What you going to do about it? She’s RIGHT. Hate the game, not the playa! This debate just got awesome. SLAP FIGHT!

Obama doesn’t slap fight. BOOOO. He acts like he’s taking the high road. Whatever. Michelle will attack Hillary in the parking lot after the debate. I don’t think Michelle is a hair-puller, though.
Obama says Hillary deserves credit for trying to do healthcare reform. “Insurance companies were battling her …” Whatever. She was wining and dining those same companies featured in her attack ads during that period.

Obama wants to fine parents who do not get healthcare insurance for their kids. What if they’re wealthy enough NOT to? “If the parent does not provide healthcare then the parent is not being responsible under my plan.”


Obama: “My #1 job as president will be to keep the American people safe. That means having the strongest military on earth.”
Says that he will end the stop-loss tours of soldiers. With MAGIC.

It wasn’t the president who didn’t fund the war effort, Jackass Obama, it was YOU and your other rag-tag motley crue of liberal congress.

No, you have NOT, EMPHATICALLY NOT shown the judgment to lead.

Ooh, a question about the surge. Which is successful. Lookit how CNN tries to downplay it “not ideal, but better.” God forbid the liberal media give credit where credit is due. That they even asked “Is Iraq better off now due to the ‘surge’ that it was a year ago?” is deliberate ignorance. Please, editorialize more, CNN.

Hillary says she wants to withdraw troops within 60 days. The “blank check” metaphor comes into play again; this time “the Iraqis wouldn’t get a blank check like they got with Bush.” First off, they didn’t get a blank effing check, they got a figure. A concrete amount. Second, there is no way anyone could withdraw our military presence from Iraq within 60 days.

Obama on surge: “It’s a tactical victory imposed upon a strategical blunder.” SHUT UP! What a load of rhetorical crap! The surge worked! Acknowledge it! If you can’t then you admit a failing as a prospective commander-in-chief.

Obama: “The burden placed upon veterans and their families.” Fighting for liberty is an HONOR not a burden.

Hey, you dems have had loads of time in congress to enact change for veterans, OH NOES instead you screwed things up royally at Walter Reed by imposing certain restrictions on who they can hire and fire resulting in horrid service for our vets.

Ask a question re: earmarks of OBama and expect to get a straight answer? Yeah … NO.
“Hope and change! Change and hope! Hope and hope! Change … and CHANGE!”
[press corps whispers: “Does this guy ever say anything else?”]

Obama “supported the wasteful tax cuts of the Bush administration,” says Hillary. WTF?
“Bush inherited a balanced budget …” NO. Before Clinton left office the retail sector already showed major signs of slowing; Greenspan himself remarked that the economy was in a recession. Bush inherited a rank economy based on Hillary’s husband’s two biggest tax hikes in our nation’s history.

LEARN YOUR HISTORY. Forget this Orwellian, take-Hillary’s-word-for-it crap.