Press conferences regarding congressional shutdown

Check it here, streamed.

Nancy Pelosi is determined to run the economy into the ground.


Roy Blunt:

“We think we need to have more sources of energy, use energy more efficiently, and invest in the future. That’s all. We want to have that debate. We think those are winning ideas in America today. But for whatever reason, the leaders of this Congress, the Democrat leaders of this Congress, are afraid of those ideas.”

I think it’s important to point out that all of this unfolded on Twitter way before it hit the wires and the television screens.

*UPDATE 2: A little over 10 minutes ago Rep. Pete Hoekstra Tweeted that they were singing “God Bless America” and giving up the fight. BOOOO.

*UPDATE 3: Hysterical “fake” Pelosi. Except it sounds JUST like her.

*UPDATE 4: Rep. Mike Pence on the floor earlier.

*UPDATE 5: “Correct number to reach Speaker of the House Pelosi (202) 225-0100 They will put you on the “‘comment line'” [via]

*6: Rep. Robert Bluey escorted from the building by Capitol Police

*7: Everyone escorted out; chamber closed. No one allowed back in [Tip: Congressional aides.]

*8: Roberty Bluey’s “illegal photos” taken from the House floor

*9 Oooh! GOP to go BACK to the House on Monday and resume “guerrilla tactics.” I get the inherent definition of “guerrilla” applied to the situation but it’s off really, as this is what our lawmakers SHOULD be doing.