The First Annual Dana Show Inbox Awards

Best Listener Solution to a Problem:

“Hi Dana:
I listened to your show last night. I love it when you are mad.
The next time there is a guy on your porch getting people to register to vote for Obama tell them,
“I’m sorry. I don’t want to see Obama get elected. I’m a feminist and would like to see Hillary have a chance in 2012.”
That might sting worse than telling them you are a conservative, and your husband won’t worry as much.
St. Charles

Most Gullible:

“hey Dana,
I heard you this morning on Allman’s show. You said that people that trust Obama more on the economy are ‘gullible’, I think you said.
Well, I am one of those people and beg to differ.
The current economic ‘expansion’ is fueled almost entirely on debt. How is that good?
Incomes are down in current dollars. Income gains have gone to Corporate Executives, shareholders of offshore corporations and to financial corporations. This does not translate into economic growth in a 70% consumer spending driven economy …

As long as Obama keeps Bush’s economic policies in tact (like the tax cuts) we’re set! But yes, if you think threatening industries like coal with bankruptcy if they refuse to fall into an arbitrary environmental line is good for the economy (among the New New Deal which will cause our deficit to soar – what was that you said about debt?) , I have a bridge to sell you.

Best Hater:

“There is a GOD and I thank him for you not being able to exploit that garbage you talk over televised airways … thank God for radio, and thank God you are on Sunday night during the prime time when television is taking up most Saint Louisians attention … Thank you LORD for all you do!
Vote for the purpose and not the party, Obama 2008!
Aaron “

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my show is tops for its slot, #1 for women, and I’m on television regularly as well as during morning drive. Dang!

Best Subject Line: “You are out of your mind”
AND Best Threat

Why lie about Obama’s record? I’m sure there are plenty of legitimate issues to challenge him on. You show just how little respect you have for your audience by completely fabricating entire stories about Obama. I have not read one article where it has been claimed that Obama, personally, called anyone racist. I have not read one article, where it has been conclusively shown, that Obama has more than a tangential relationship with Ayers. Ayers is currently a college professor. Is the University of Illinois also terrorist sympathisers? What about Mayor Daley? What about the Annenberg Foundation? You have got to be kidding me!

Also, just to let you know, Obama was also never “in charge”, as you like to put it, of “Cabrini Green” housing projects. Barack Obama is a Harvard educated lawyer, who worked for a Civil Rights firm in the early 90s. With that firm, he represented various community groups in areas such as housing. He was actually helping these groups on a legal basis in his role as an attorney. He was never, as you put it, “in charge” of anything related to housing projects.

I will be reporting you and your station to the FCC and FEC. This station is notorious for electioneering on behalf of Republican candidates and I believe that public airwaves are not to be used for such things. You also blatently [sic] lie and incite hatred. You might as well be referred to the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL as a hate radio station.


If Obama wasn’t “in charge” of housing projects then why did he brag about them on the campaign trail? Repeatedly? Obama needn’t call anyone racist; though I’ve played more sound bites than I can count on air where he would certainly give others that opinion.

If Tabitha is so worried about electioneering, I’m sure she’s working to address ACORN, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, The NY Times, et al. for their blatant disregard for objectivity. The difference between me and them? Mine is an admitted opinionated show. They claim no bias. Gawd, these people are tiring.

Worst Grammar Nazi

I think you have a great opportunity to take your show to the next level, however, you have one major deficiency. [:] [sic] You have frequent lapses with your grammar. This morning, I heard you say, “her and her mother“. You also sometimes misuse “me, myself and I”. Its [sic] “join Jamie and me”. A good investment for you would be the very short, but enlightening book, “Elements of Style” by Robert Strunk.[sic] [WILLIAM Strunk and EB White] You can read the book in an hour and it is very good at using examples that will break you of these long-time habits. You are obviouisly [sic] not alone. Obama is far worse. If you are going to criticize him over the next four years, you should do it from a grammatically superior position. While you can probably get away with it locally, if your goal is to move to syndication, you will be competing with the Laura’s and Monica’s (lawyers and Ph.D’s) who do not make these errors. I hope you take this constructively. I have packaged many multi-million dollar ideas. Trust me, fix this and the sky is the limit.


If you’re going to condescend to someone about their grammer, a) make sure you know what the hell you’re talking about and b) please don’t misspell easy words. I love this email so much I want to frame it.

Most Confused:

“I was driving home today from having dinner with my wife at work and I caught your radio show for the first time.

I just wanted to write and discuss conservatism quickly. The discussion is great! I can’t seem to get through on the phone though so I thought I would take a shot that you might read this on the air.

I wanted to say that I agree that conservatism is not dead. I agree as well that being a Christian is not a bad thing. But I have to say that there is a fine line. People can be conservative, but taking your personal beliefs into office is the problem. Everyone does it, I know, but America is built on the foundation that you have the right to stand up for what you personally believe is right, including disagreeing with the leaders, with wars, with issues and causes…you should be able to do those things peacefully without someone going up to you and telling you to pack your stuff and leave if you don’t like it.

I think it’s the young people. I’m 28, I voted for Obama. But I voted for Obama because I feel like many other people my age do…we are tired of people forcing values on us (abortion, gay marriage etc…) those are domestic issues that should be addressed by the people, not forced on people by a president. There were so many young voters out there this time around…I think there are less conservative people my age than people think. Is that good? Who knows…but what I do know is that Obama said there would be change, and if change means not focusing on family values and focusing on the economy, domestic relations etc…and stop wasting money by promoting a government that discusses abortion and other family values…then I’m all for it. Those are still problems, and honestly, I think abortion is wrong as well as gay marriage, BUT, that is not an issue for the government, that is a private issue that should be settled without the government.

I doubt you will read this on the air, but…I had to say it and I hope you do…maybe I can get through on the phone though…I’ll keep trying.

I addressed Zach on air; my biggest point is that who are the people who force issues on us? Democrats who are trying to push through the Freedom of Choice act (abortion)? Those who are trying to forbid us from praying in our schools? People like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who want to limit free speech with the Fairness Doctrine? Those who are trying to constititionally amend marriage? Seriously? It hasn’t been conservatives – it’s been liberals EVERY TIME.

Biggest Anti-Semite:

Dear Dana:

I would like to begin by mentioning that you seem like a very sharp gal, in most subjects. However, in my estimation, you have a lot to learn about the Israel-Palestine situation, which I have been watching very closely for 50 years.
I think there is a conservative saying that goes, “If you don’t know history, you will be doomed to make the same mistakes.” There seems to be A LOT of history of the formation of and later years of the country of Israel, which you seem not to know. This is probaby [sic] because you believe the US news media reports for all of the years since Israel’s origin in 1948. And, having just been through an election where our media distorted every fact they could, you should know what I mean.
I do not purport to be an expert, but I DO know some facts which most conservatives either overlook or do not know. Knowing these facts, I have deduced that Israel has caused their own problems with the number of terrorists which they are fighting. In fact, in my view, the huge number of Hamas terrorists, which were NOT there in the 90’s, have swelled to enormous proportions due to Israel’s cruel and heartless treatment of the people whose land they were given in 1948, stupidly, in my opinion. But even that is another horror story—-
[Blah, blah, blah, some never ending BS]
I was able to establish email contact with a very intelligent American-born Palestinian who was in Palestine to invest in a strip mall, as a help to get his parents’ country into a better, more modern condition. He took his wife and children and apparently rented a home there while he conducted his business.
If you would know some of the things the Israeli army did to the poeple in Palestine at this time, you would understand the reasons young men became terrorists.
[Blah blah, incessant prattling edited]
Hamas held out hope for them for a future, if they could just get out from under the cruel treatment of their people by the Israelis. Thus the swelling of the number of terrorists—those young men are willing to fight to their death, as they have no other option !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would say that the obscene response to Hamas’ lobbing rockets into Israel is just a vivid example of the overkill philosophy of Israelis.
400 Palestinians massacred to 4 Israelis?
IT MAY BE TOO LATE FOR ISRAEL TO HOPE FOR PEACE NOW, as their past behavior has created a monster, Hamas, which wil take YEARS to declaw. Several generations of terrorists have been recruited by now.
I hope that I have given you an insight into what “the other side” has suffered.

I will address this on air. This email made me so angry I wished that I had a fist on my keyboard so I could use it in type to accurately convey my emotions in response.

Worst Feminist:

Why don’t you just go home and stay there with your kids you have no business bing [sic] on air and talking such trash. Barack Obama is a great man and will be an even better president. Maybe you should just get educated and you would see that. Sarah Palin is a horrible mayor and mother.

Right, because people who procreate are unable to think. That goes for us all, I guess! That’s all I can say about this; the beauty of Tracy’s email is in her own, cracked-out words, bless her.

Best Researcher:

“Dumas Walker’s was apparently a famous restaurant where the “slaw burger” originated and Dumas Walker was also a legendary world champ at the game of “Marbles” played right there on the pool table which you’ll see in the video….

By the way…I wanna be the drummer with the coonskin cap on…I’m that guy.

Funny thing the citrus soda “Ski” is mentioned in this song as well, it is bottled right down the road from me at Excel Bottling Company in Breese IL. The “floaties” that your caller mentioned yesterday Dana, are little pieces of citrus..It’s all natural. Ironically Jamie, when I was talking to you today, Noah and Emily were enjoying a cold Ski. In the original green glass bottle of course…. Along with some Bottle Caps candy. Mama was gone shopping ya know….So it’s cool, she’ll never know J

Here is the historic site….(It’s always better in the glass bottle).. I will have to UPS you guys some of this stuff !!!

If you talk to folks out west in Missouri? Their local soda is “Sundrop” which is sort of like Ski…but not as good. Seriously, it’s not.. “




I surmise that the “Childrens Arrows” provision of the Baiol Out is relief from the Pittman-Robertson Act.

Pittman-Robertson places an excise tax on firearms, ammunition and archery equipment.

It may be that someone in congress feels we should not tax childrens toys, only Adult toys……

Thanks, Great Show


The Old Fat Bald White Guy”

Most Outraged Listener:


Good morning. First off I want to say that I love you, love your show, and often find myself on the same page as you mentally..

This morning I arrive at my job, for a large insurance company that will remain nameless here in St. Louis, MO. In my email box I find the following message:

You have been enrolled in a required course titled “Cultural Competence: Understanding the Impact of Culture on Communications”. this course is required for compliance with California Senate Bill 853. The content of this course will assist you as you deal with members that have limited English proficiency.

WTF?? How much more do we need to pander to illegals and/or people that are refusing to give up their “superior” culture to learn English and become members of our American way of life? I understand interstate commerce, and that my company has offices in pretty much every state in the union. However, I am in St. Louis, MO and am now feeling the impacts of the “progressives” and their ridiculous legislation in a state 2500 miles away that I have never visited nor really plan to? We need a conservative revolution. HELP!!”


“Dear Dana,

John, the grandpa(?), made me reeaaallly mad. April, the caller after John told it like it is! I wouldn’t want my grandchildren around his liberal minded body!. Parents have every right to raise their children with biblical morals. Thank you for fighting for our children and grandchildren so that they can, at least, have a chance to grow up without a reprobate mind. He is typically liberal because it sounded as though it had to be his way or no way ( But he didn’t get his way with you).

The socialist view is always that their opinions are the only ones that count and they think conservatives are not capable of thinking like the “elite, educated” left. They make education their God and morals are wanting. Most of the professors undo or come near undoing any morals that our children are taught at home when they enter college.

When you said you were getting unflattering emails, I decided to send you one to refute those. I believe you have been gifted by the Lord with the talent to fight for the American children who are absolutely surrounded by pornography, witchcraft (in almost all the current videos and cartoons), distasteful music, etc. We can’t even turn the TV on for long on almost any station without vulgar advertisements or filthy language. I am almost 70 years old and I have 4 grandchildren and as often as possible I teach about good morals and good character when I’m with them and pray God will protect them from all the filth and from predators that espouse pornograhy. A thirteen year old cousin, steeped in what his parents liked, tried to molest my two youngest grandchildren. It was so devastating to my son and his wife. It was traumatic to all of us in splitting the family. My granddaughter was 4 and my grandson was 3 when their cousin tried this. He was found out because their daddy asked them where they learned a certain activity and they “ratted” him out. Thank God!

Just please, Dana, keep persevering for the right because it is the right view. Thank God for you. I will pray for you to have strength and wisdom in even more abundance in counter acting the leftist views and in your crusade for morality in America. I’m not trying to be melodramatic. I believe every life has a purpose and I think you are right in the center of God’s will. Never stop speaking out for us who don’t have an avenue of communication like yours. It’s so refreshing to know that not all young people have been affected by the disease of liberalism.

You are my champion!

Like I said on the phone, Imperial is a great town, since I’m from there and since it has produced such a bright star like you in our community!

Love you and what you stand for on the show! “

** Top Dana Show Twitterer: Pigactor!