Wednesday was unbelievable. I couldn’t stop looking around at how many of you showed up to stand with us against congress’s fiscal recklessness. It was great to meet so many afterwards also, shake your hands, take your business card, sign your placard. I’m so grateful that you were there.

To my left

We all have a main goal with this: to influence the minds of congress to take better precautions with our money. That’s the point of a protest, of speaking out, of showing up: to do what you can to influence your officials. It’s what anybody on either side would do. We’re not anti-tax, we’re anti-excessive tax. And again, I’m not a billionaire, a Republican, nor an extremist just because I disagree with how things are going and wanted to say something about it with a bunch of other people in public. We’re also not “racists,” as some like to say. To disagree with congress during a time when a black man is president does not make someone racist no more than it makes the people who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton sexist, or the people who didn’t vote for John McCain ageists, or anyone who didn’t vote for a white person racist, either. I question the moral character of those who make such statements and it raises my suspicion whenever people throw around terms like that because it seems inherently racist, like, let’s speak to people’s worst fears and use it as a means to control them! Viva la straw man!

All around

I also want to add that Republicans don’t have the patent on conservatism. It’s not a right thing or a left thing, a black thing or a white thing, a Hispanic or a Finnish or anything else thing. It’s for everyone and I don’t appreciate the attempts from some to tell people otherwise.

I hope that conservatives continue to wake up in these numbers. We went from 1,500 participants on February 27th to around 8,000+ on Wednesday. Several people have asked me if we will take action – and by action, in case DHS is watching, means legislative action. As I’ve said before, I don’t believe that you can make the case to change a law by breaking it. Before people can take action they have to be awake – and I feel that this first wave of protests have done just that, they’ve woken up a mass of people that have been verbally browbeaten into thinking that they are a small minority or that their political ideals are dead. Wednesday proved that conservatism is emphatically not dead and no matter how hard the mainstream media tries to stuff this story at the end of their newscasts, in the backs of the metro sections, or ignore it completely, they can’t mis-report it out of existence. Our progress isn’t measured by whether or not CNN loves us but you could say that our progress can be measure by how badly certain outlets want to shut us up.
It's unfair to be in debt before you can legally drink
I stood on that stage and I saw Americans. I didn’t see socialists (again, irony, because who’s nationalizing what again), terrorists, or any other form of extremist sobriquet that a fragment of society wants to bestow upon us as a way to discredit us and discourage others from broadening their perspectives. To the contrary – I saw a massive lot of Americans who were fed up with our irresponsible government and the prospect of our children being saddled with debt before they hit the tween years.
The future

This isn’t over. We’ve just begun. You can’t start something like this and just walk away from it. This is the Paul Revere stage, if you will, the stage in which the redcoats are self-serving public “servants” encroaching upon our liberties. I will keep you updated on our plans.
In the crowd
That being said, on this Sunday’s show at 8pm, I’ve invited my co-organizer, Bill Hennessy on my program, along with Gina Loudon and Kevin Jackson. We’re going to talk Tea Party, what happened and what’s to come, as well as give you a behind the scenes look into what went into this effort, something you won’t find anywhere else.
Myself and Bill, co-organizers

Thank you for your support, for your kind words, for your action, for raising your voice, making signs, wearing red white and blue, bringing your kids, for writing, and listening.