July 4th Tea Party DETAILS – UPDATED!

SPEAKERS AND PROGRAM UPDATED! Everything you need to know about the St. Louis Tea Party’s July 4th Picnic after the jump!

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  1. Forgive me for straying off topic, but freaking CONGRATULATIONS on the hottest conservative list. You’re on the list with Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter. That just rocks! (And you ARE hot, but we already knew it…just glad others have noticed.)

  2. “I’d like to see us integrate better with other area Tea Parties. I don’t really know what that entails beyond plugging them… If we scale down and do multiple, smaller Friday evening Micro-brew Tea Parties in Saint Louis, we could encourage our Tea Partiers to attend other Tea Party events on Saturday. The different micro-brews could each have a narrow, topical focus. For instance, we might have one focusing on how to use social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook. Another might focus on citizen journalism. While others focus on our traditional topics of fiscal responsibility, limiting and simplifying taxation, reducing spending, and increasing government transparency.”

    That’s from this post:


  3. Dana, has anyone looked at Universities? This may be closer to Jeff City but what about Westminster College where Churchill gave his Iron Curtain Speech?

    Or if all else fails put a call out to Tea Partiers that have a 100 acre Farm or something and that wouldn’t mind if we used their Property. We could donate some money for Porta Potties and we would require a large number of Volunteers to help with clean up and such….it may not happen but it is worth a try….

    Maybe we can Contact the Federal Government and see if they will let us hold it at the Now Idle Chrysler Plant off of hwy 44…lol It would at least be appropriate…

    Is it Possible to have a “Tea Party” day at Six Flags? they have an Amphtheater but ai am not sure what the Maximum Capacity is…or Cost..

    I am Still looking..if I find somthing more viable I will let you know…

  4. I think we should be prepared for a large influx of new converts. I am guessing Obama’s rating are going to be in the tank about Christmas time. We should be ready to handle and have something for the new cruits to do.

  5. Dana,

    Leave it to my wife to come up with something…Better…But don’t let her know I said that….lol.

    FairGrounds..Lincoln County has a rather large Fairgrounds. They are having the Tri-Country Fair July 14-18 and are used to accomodating large crowds and Bands.

    I am not sure of the Crowd Capacity but according to the Website it appears that the Fair Ground is avaiable on July 4th. I Have not called them but I do live near it, if you need my assistance please let me know.

    The Website is :


    Hope this Helps…

  6. I don’t know the name of the park but st charles has a park close to the river, off main street. it has a Stage. the christmas story is held there.

  7. Well, i for one would like to find a place that has meaning. Like Westminster College but not so far away, like the Chrysler Plant, but i dont know if the govt would approve, lol. I have yet to get to attend one, but we live almost 2 hours north of St. Louis and i have a baby who still needs naps and bedtimes, lol. I would love to see something in the Northern part of St. Louis, it would make it easier for me to come. I home school my children. I have an 8 yr old, 7yr old, and 1 yr old. It is surely an educational experience we would love to be included in. Is there anywhere in St Charles? I know it would be a better turnout though, if we stuck to St louis for sure.

  8. What kinds of numbers are you expecting? On a holiday where people may have other plans are you expecting attendance to go up or down? Also, what times are you looking at?

  9. Dana, First I would like to thank you and the many others who have worked behind the scenes to protect our freedoms.
    If we can’t get permission to assemble, remember the 1st amendment guarantees “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
    I believe that means we can legally meet at any county, state, or federal park or facility.
    Let’s just call and tell them to expect about ten thousand guests. They can either issue a permit or send the troops and try to illegally arrest ten thousand peaceful, concerned, american patriots.
    I hope this doesn’t sound to radical, but we do have a legal right to assemble.
    I will be there regardless of where we meet, as I believe we must protect the freedoms that were granted by the Constitution.

  10. I emailed bill about a location, not sure if he got it or just hasn’t had time to respond. I suggested the Gateway race track, close to the highway, plenty of room for parking!!!, no traffic, speaker system already set. I suggested having it on the drag strip, us “tea baggers” can be up in the bleachers, and the speakers can be down on the strip.

  11. Below you wrote: “They invite politicians and PACs for the starpower failing to realize the multi-level irony of such an action and the message it sends to the common, everyday folks who’ve been hitting the pavement with us: you won’t get noticed unless the politicians get it noticed for you.”

    However, on March 29th (http://stlouisteaparty.com/2009/03/29/my-regrets-to-senator-claire-mccaskill/) it was written that “I invited Senator McCaskill to come to Kiener Plaza at 6:30 on the 15th. I told her to think of this as “face time” with her board of diretors.”

    Could you explain the “starpower” and “multi-level irony” difference between the two?

  12. Russ –
    Politicians were told they could attend the protest as regular citizens but that they were not allowed to speak or campaign. I know Bill told McCaskill the same. Surely you didn’t allow your eagerness over pointing out what you perceive as inconsistency overpower your realization of that well-publicized fact. ;)

  13. For Historic Value there is always the Daniel Boone Home and Histortic Village in Defiance..But I am not sure of the Crowd Capacity. It is run by Lindenwood University.

    The Idea of meeting at a Public Park is interesting, there are several Large State Parks in West County that could easily hold all of us: Babler, Castle Wood, Greensfelder, Maybe even Queeny. There is Sioux Passage Park near the River up North as well..But it doesn’t say what the park capacity is…just the Shelter Capacity. But it says it is reservable for “Group Tent Camping”. Doesn’t mention the allowed size of the Group…as if we are going to have a “Tea Party Camping Extraviganza”..lol Illinois there is Pere Marquette…

    Is Jefferson Barracks Park avaiable? They always have Civil War renactments there and it is close to downtown..sort of. They also have the Amphitheater there that is reservable with a Grass Seating…but it only holds 5,000..maybe we can squeeze in about 10,000 more..yea yea…not gonna work.

    I guess we could always just show up to one of the Parks….We will just tell the Park Rangers it’s a really BIG Family Reunion…

    Race Track would be Cool..but hard to have a picnic…but Cool.

    To Bad the Missouri State Fair Grounds are in Sedalia, MO which is on the other side of Columbia…too far..

    Gee Dana…I sympathise with you and Bill…this is a Practice in Frustration.

    Sorry to be posting so much…I don’t wish to be construed as a “troll”…I am just thinking out loud…

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