Show 84

On deck tonight:

– The Iranian riots in the wake of a rigged election; news is happening so quickly it’s almost difficult to keep up.

Video of the rioting in the streets.

– Palin fires back at Letterman

– Conservatives get the blame for the Holocaust Museum shooting

– Support dissipating for Obamanomics

Cool Points and a lot more. As the show goes I’ll update with prep links; I’m posting them straight from my bookmarks; I’m also working on an overhaul of the site in which you’ll be able to follow along with headlines as I digest them. (Also, WordPress has been insanely buggy for me lately, I have no idea why the font size increased. On it.)

Shock City Studios grand opening!

8pm CST.


‘#CNNFail’: Twitterverse slams network’s Iran absence | Webware – CNET

Holy Hell Biden-It’s EVERYONES Fault

Netanyahu defies Obama with harsh conditions for Palestinian ‘entity’ – Times Online

Mousavi seeks to overturn Iran election result | Reuters

BBC says election broadcasts disrupted from Iran

Reporters Sans Frontières