Allman in the Morning

I’m taking over for Jamie beginning tomorrow morning, covering M-W-F. Busy with prep and another dealine, however, please check out these links regarding the Iranian uprising. It’s a meatspace and cyber revolution as well with protesters and techs fighting against tyrannical forces. Insert your John Williams Star Wars music here.

Twitter streams break Iran news dam

ScreenTweet :: New Video – Iran Opposition Supporters Flood The Streets – Monday June 15, 2009

Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive – State Department to Twitter: Keep Iranian tweets coming « – Blogs from

CNN are the biggest bunch of idiot blockheads. They’ve been using Tweets from Iranian protesters and using their names along with the updates, essentially painting a target on the backs of these people. Unbelievable. No wonder media is begging for a bailout.

#iranelection Cyberwar Guide For Beginners

HOW TO: Track Iran Election with Twitter and Social Media

Follow The Developments In Iran Like A CIA Analyst – The Atlantic Politics Channel

Social Networks Spread Iranian Defiance Online –

Iran Updates (VIDEO): Live-Blogging The Uprising

Activists Launch Hack Attacks on Tehran Regime | Danger Room |


Also: Tehran Bureau


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  1. Dana, the other day you had a gentleman on who was selling his book from his website which i thought you said was ‘black sphere (dot) com’ but i get nothing on this or on searching for his site. could you shoot me a hyperlink please? Thanks!

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