The Rino Eight and comprehensive list of cap-and-trade materials

Here are the eight representatives who voted FOR cap-and-trade. Going by procedure, they have until July 2nd (so timely, yes?) to change their vote and change the course of history by NOT allowing the biggest tax increase ever to pass the House. The links go to their contact info (thanks listener Angie!) so flood their inboxes, melt their phones. Correction: votes cannot be changed. they are now in recess. I got lost in my chaotic schedule and didn’t realize that they were going to recess before the 4th. Thanks for the heads up, listener Amber.

Here in St. Louis we are making it a mission to remove Russ Carhanan and William Lacy Clay from office since they have chosen to further burden Missourians with higher unemployment. Talking points after the links.

Mary Bono Mack R (CA)

Mike Castle R (DW)

Mark Steven Eirk R (IL)

Leonard Lance R (NJ)

Frank LoBiondo R (NJ)

John McHugh R (NY)

Dave Reichert R (WA)

Chris Smith R (NJ)

More links and contacts from RED STATE.

Talking points:

1.    Reduce aggregate gross domestic product (GDP) by $9.6 trillion
2.    Destroy an average of 1-3 million jobs, every year
3.    Raise electricity rates 90 percent after adjusting for inflation
4.    Raise inflation-adjusted gasoline prices by 74 percent
5.    Raise residential natural gas prices by 55 percent
6.    Raise an average family’s annual energy bill by $1,500 annually
7.    Increase the federal debt by 26 percent, which is $29,150 per person
8. The EPA admitted that it may do NOTHING to halt carbon emissions as business trying to avoid penalties may move overseas
9. The point of the bill is to super-spike energy costs so Americans will use less. This will ripple down to everything from gas to food.
10. It’s a tax and it’s the biggest tax ever proposed in the history of our country. It will cripple the middle class.
11. It will result in massive job losses, according to many, it will cost nearly 81,000 machinery jobs and by 2035 there will be nearly 263,000 fewer machinery jobs.
12. It’s not about the environment – it’s about raising money for the government to offset the stimulus. The government is expected to earn BILLIONS from this and there will be NO CHANGE AT ALL to the environment.


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