Concern, indeed

During the April 15th St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party we collected literally a ton of food for two organizations, one being the Circle of Concern.

Saturday during the July 4th Tea Party I was introduced to Mimi, a board member with the organization, who informed me that the organization’s board of directors decided to not allow any more donations from tea party events ever again. I’m told they were opposed to who we are and for what we stand, apparently. Rich, her husband and volunteer, and Mimi opposed their decision.

On my show last night I talked to Rich who described the group as “left-leaning” and said he was just sad that anyone would politicize helping the needy in such a way.

I mentioned it again this morning while on with Jamie.

We received a call a bit ago from Gina Loudon, a St. Louis tea partier; she informed me that she was told the big wigs at Circle of Concern called Mimi, yelled at her, demanded an immediate meeting, and hung up on her.

We didn’t want Mimi to face the heat alone; Bill Hennessy, my co-organizer, went with her to an 11:30 meeting with a smaller big-wig; they were made to wait; the meeting has been pushed back to 5pm with the full heads of charity. I will be going to record.

I feel it is simply WRONG to crucify two great volunteers who have given up their time to help those in need over a decision to apparently POLITICIZE CHARITY, a decision over which they had no control.

*UPDATE #1: I will be on The B-Cast at 4pm EST re: this story; watch live here; watch HERE for the segment.