John Loudon takes on the unions

Former Missouri Senator John Loudon is sticking his neck out for the SOS Ballot campaign designed to defeat the Employee No Choice Act. ENCA proponents are having a tantrum because Loudon had the audacity to point out the known record of intimidating workers who don’t walk the union line. David Catanese, a Springfield reporter Tweeted Loudon as saying:

Loudon: “I’ve taken on casinos and labor… My wife says, why don’t you pick on one group who doesn’t blow up cars?”

From a local news site:

Former state Sen. John Loudon, now head of a Missouri group opposing a measure that would help labor organize, has touched off controversy with his warning Wednesday to business leaders that unions “blow up cars.”

Two of the state’s top labor leaders — Missouri AFL-CIO president Hugh McVey and St. Louis Labor Council president Bob Soutier — called such a statement an insult to “every working person” at Dierbergs, Schnucks and other union businesses.

Loudon’s comments were made to business leaders and reporters attending a Springfield, Mo. event aimed at energizing opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act, a congressional proposal also known as “card check.”  The Act would allow workers to unionize by signing cards rather than by holding a secret-ballot election. Such an election could still be held if the workers desire; now, businesses can require an election.

One of the attendees at the Springfield event posted Loudon’s comments afterwards on Twitter. In the Tweet, Loudon says, “I’ve taken on casinos and labor… My wife says, ‘why don’t you pick on one group who doesn’t blow up cars?'”

Loudon is the Missouri head of Save Our Secret Ballot, called SOS Ballot for short — a group that has launched an initiative-petition drive to prevent card-check from being implemented in Missouri, regardless of the congressional action. Loudon and other opponents, including Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, are holding a series of events around the state.

At the St. Louis area gathering on Tuesday, some of the comments by Loudon, Kinder and others were anti-union, but none were as inflammatory as Wednesday’s statements in Springfield.

Loudon went even further in a telephone interview late Wednesday with the Beacon. While emphasizing that his comment in Springfield was partly a joke, Loudon continued, “Unions and the mob influence in gambling have a history of getting rough with people who get in their way…They like to physically intimidate people.”

Loudon said his point was a serious one: that non-union businesses and workers may face such intimidation if Congress approves the Employee Free Choice Act.

Hugh McVey, Missouri head of the AFL-CIO and local Labor Council president Bob Soutier don’t have the faintest idea of what Loudon could possibly mean.


They couldn’t possibly know?

Are they being deliberately obtuse?

I would think – considering that cap-and-trade is going to cost hundreds of thousands of machinist jobs, UNION jobs; close factories, increase energy taxes on union families – that unions would be more worried about the impending legislation that would actually decimate their numbers. Instead, they’re worried on abolishing a worker’s right to vote in private. Somehow that gets spun as being “pro-labor.” What size of crack rock is that PR flak hitting?

Is the middle-class Joe who takes a pail to lunch ever going to tire of being manipulated and exploited by the Democratic party for a vote? Are their souls so easily bought? Sure, give them tax-exempt healthcare on the backs of their fellow Americans; they’ll be paying out the nose for this swollen government in other ways, though. What happened to that “Waiting for Lefty” spirit, organization against true injustice?

It’s now ironic, thus no more.

local Labor Council president Bob Soutier