Jimmy Carter suddenly upset by treatment of women

He’s taking his ball and going home!

ABC reports that Carter is leaving the Southern Baptist church because of their stance on women’s equality.

For the record, Carter isn’t wrong when he says that Scripture doesn’t mean for women to be oppressed; it doesn’t, in fact, the New Testament, calls for men to honor women as they would the church. That’s pretty hardcore adoration. /Biblethump. (Sorry, but you can’t cherry-pick a misinterpretation of one verse chosen out of context. You have to read it before you can argue it.)

The question is why, all of a sudden, Carter is offended by the treatment of women? I mean, the guy has been hitting the campaign trail to have Hamas removed from the United State’s list of terrorist organizations, he meets with them, sings their praises constantly, and says that failure to support them is “criminal,” yet makes no mention of the inhumane way in which Hamas treats its women.

Sorry, but I don’t buy sincerity from a hypocrite.

At least Southern Baptists don’t use their women and children as human shields: