1 thought on “mccaskill3

  1. Dana, Kudos for an excellent job!!! I am on the Sikeston MO Tea Party planning committee, and we met earlier this evening to begin planning for our next tea part in Sikeston scheduled for Saturday Sept. 12, 2009 11:00am to 2:00pm We want to make it an area wide event and invite any tea party member from any where to join us to make it the biggest attended event so far. I am so pumped after watching you Greta Van Susteren!! You are a role model for not just all tea party members, but for all Americans. You are the kind of courageous, articulate plain spoken leader this country desperately needs in this dark hour of deception and betrayal.

    Your group at that McCaskill meeting was phenomenal. I am so proud of such courageous like minded people taking it to the streets. Hoooorah!!

    If ever in the Southeast Missouri area, you have a standing invitation to a dining experience you won’t forget at Lambert’s cafe. I’d like you to meet our team leaders. Our contact is Pam Yant, the initial Sikeston organizer who got the ball rolling down here. We love ya!!!

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