Live tonight!

I’ll have news tonight on some 9/12 activities; as usualy I’ll update this post with prep and resources related to tonight’s show.

Tomorrow morning the universe goes back to quasi-normalcy with Jamie back. I’ll be back on air from 7-9 a.m.

If you’ve sent me an email and are awaiting a response, please don’t think I’m a butthead; the mail has been ramping up ever since February. Also I write people back because I’m chatty and insane like that. Except the trolls. Oh I save you for my special folder. /wink


Washington Post freaks over Dana Millbank, Chris Cilliz

Zo’s video making fun of hyper-racial sensitivity will be a classic

Tim Geithner says that we all need to be convinced to agree with tax hikes, blames Bush for the fallout from all the spending. Ridic.

John Stossel just made the extremists’ list for his vide on healthcare for ABC

WTF is up with the “Cash for Clunkers: TOS?


Cash for Clunkers Dealers Must Destroy Engines to Prevent Fraud « POLITISITE: Politics from the RIGHT Side of the WEB

Gates’ Daughter Takes the Low Road – The Plank

Wonderful: House “compromise” reinserts abortion option into ObamaCare