This week in liberal hypocrisy

It’s OK to call Bush a Nazi but not Obama. (For the record, conservatives I’ve read have only likened the some of the administration’s policies to socialist policies.)

Stay-at-home-moms and the elderly voicing concerns are “vicious mobs” but ordering union thugs out to physically engage peaceful constituents isn’t mob-like.

The White House can discuss its healthcare plan but when you do, using the exact same words, you’re a “liar.”

The DNC’s baby, ACORN, busses people in to protest and that’s not astroturfing; when regular, everyday citizens get in their cars and drive out of their way to hold their homemade signs with the small hope that their snotty elected official will read it, that’s “astroturfing.”

President Obama condemns taxpayers for taking their turns at microphones to voice their concerns – and that’s bad – but then tells his supporters to “get in their faces.”

Conservatives are called mobs and “scary,” but it’s always been the left who have actually injured others, damaged property, broken laws, overrun speeches, shouted others down, or bombed things.

Perhaps this is begging the question, but do you think that the president of the United States calling on groups to intimidate taxpaying citizens is perhaps the ultimate in astroturfing?