BREAKING: Carnahan staffer admits to causing trouble?


This woman was actually trying to start fights with people in line, waiting to get into the auditorium at the Rep. Russ Carnahan townhall forum on aging.


While Carnahan gave a press conference today blaming tea party people for the “mob-like” activity, it was actually his own, admitted staffers who were the cause of the rabble-rousing:

Video from Sharp Elbows.

*Update: this from Jim Hubbard, Rep. Carnahan’s Deputy Communications Director:

No member of Congressman Carnahan’s staff was arrested last night.

**Working identifying the woman in the video.

Woman is identified as Javonne Spitz of O’Fallon.

She may not be lying?

Around the :48 mark (I was right here when this video was shot, FYI) Spitz refers to Kenneth Gladney as “black man.”