Scuffle at otherwise peaceful Claire McCaskill townhall

I’m developing this so bear with me and check back because information is changing.

This is where I’ve been most of the day. There was a scuffle towards the end of the townhall involving a man and a woman and a rolled-up sign.

Maxine Johnson was escorted out, she ran as a Green Party candidate for the 3rd ward aldermen in St. Louis.


From what we could tell (I was across the auditorium; Michelle right next to it) there was an argument over who brought in a rolled-up sign. Johnson stood up earlier and antagonized people in the crowd and made gestures; McCaskill was forced to stop answering question and address the woman and told her “Ma’am, you’re not helping. You’re not helping me.”


(Apologies for the blurriness. I had my camera on manual settings and this was at the end of the forum and happened so suddenly.) Michelle’s video:


It’s unfortunate that this happened at an otherwise great event. Security was great, the auditorium was air-conditioned and more than enough seating was available.

While I do think Senator McCaskill was condescending at times – and when you say things that aren’t entirely accurate people are going to speak up, as they should – her attitude was totally different than that of Rep. Russ Carnahan. She gives the appearance of being more welcoming than Pelosi, Reid, et al.

Working on identifying the man and also trying to figure out who was FOR HCR and who was against. Johnson has been a big school choice supporter in the past and supportive of homeschooling but whether that lends a pattern with regards to HCR is unknown. I was unable to get usable photos of the man because police were all over instantly.

The man is suspected if taking a sign away from the woman after she antagonized and gestured at the crowd. Still developing.

Thanks to Jim Durbin for helping with some information.





Interesting to note that neither water bottles or umbrellas were allowed in. It was like going to a concert, almost.

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