Let’s talk astroturf

It’s the stuff like this that makes me type WTF. The San Antonio Tea Party has some proof of astroturfing coming from left field. While Democrats like to make baseless allegations as to the validity of tea party movement’s roots, they place ads on Cragislist (St. Louis had one advertising for paid, progressive activists, $90 a day) to attract employees to counter the tea parties. It would be funny if it weren’t sad.


This one is just as interesting. [Me in red]


It’s put on by a group with strict left ties but oh, totally not politically aligned at all. It’s sad to me when political groups exploit and manipulate the needy to advance their own agenda. These potential of charities is thwarted by politicizing it the way the ads above do.

This group, The Fund for Public Interest, is also advertising for “paid activists.” They describe themselves as:

Fund for the Public Interest’s 25-year commitment to professional, systematic grassroots action has made us the go-to group in our field. When it comes to building organizations and creating the groundswell of public support needed to overcome powerful special interest opposition, our effectiveness is unrivaled.

In 20 states, the Fund trains our staff to raise money, recruit members and do grassroots political work on behalf of more than 50 progressive organizations — including the Sierra Club, the Human Rights Campaign and Environment America. Meanwhile, hundreds of Fund alumni lead the way for hundreds of other effective political organizations, elected officials, and socially-conscious businesses.

Is irony lost on them? this is the antithesis of grassroots. Training people up to represent special interests. Jeebus.