Dems follow our lead

Honestly, I’m surprised that it’s taken them this long. ACORN and other astroturf groups will gather across the street from the Pageant and massage the minority for signatures in support of the health care legislation. They miss no opportunity to defend the thugs who gave Kenneth Gladney a racially-motivated beatdown:

Glenn Burleigh, St. Louis ACORN’s head organizer, added,  “In a democracy, every citizen has the right to free political speech, but when someone uses the First Amendment as an excuse to incite violent acts, then it degrades the democratic traditions that all Americans should love and respect.

“We also hope that Healthcare Reform opponents would respect people patronizing the business, some of whom will be supporters, some will be undecided and seeking information, and some who will not support the President’s Healthcare Reform proposals.”

Yes, when people like Maxine Johnson and the thugs who beat Gladney show up to start trouble (I’ve documented it repeatedly in this space) it “degrades the democratic traditions” that apparently don’t matter to ACORN until right now.

Those who oppose this particular piece of legislation have a record of peaceful assembly; it was when HCR supporters showed up, yelled at people, assaulted them, and tried to get in others faces that things got violent. I hope that this represents a new page for these group wherein

Petition: Friday at noon, The Culture Cafe to give thank-you and gift at McCaskill office 5850 A Delmar Blvd

(The St. Louis Tea Party has not made this an official event and organizers will not be in attendance.)