Mama Carnahan comes out for Russ

Jean Carnahan recently authored a post on a website said to be published by a former Carnahan staffer.

In recent weeks we have seen disruptions at town halls, mob hysteria, arrests, death threats, and remarks that border on treason. Those who should be in control of the GOP remain mute or, even worse, they bless the hordes that take up pitchforks to puncture the idea of health care reform.

Kenneth Gladney, anyone? It’s intellectually dishonest for Jean Carnahan to say that we are against health care reform; no, we’re against the particular legislation that congress is trying to jam through without any debate on the issue. (Jim Hoft has record of where the actual violence originated.)

Yes, boys and girls, the anti-government tea baggers are being ginned up anew to squelch the president’s health care plan.

Wait – did Jean Carnahan seriously just call me a “tea bagger?” Jean, please. There are ladies present on the Internet. Either she’s honestly or deliberately being obtuse – I hope the latter because if she’s so disconnected from politics to believe that the tea party is “anti-government” then she has no business posturing as a pundit. The tea party has always been about government responsibility and no new taxes brought on by the stimulus.

All across the country, pitchfork carriers are shouting spoon-fed slogans compliments of GOP pols and insurance big wheels.

I wish I owned a pitchfork, honestly, but only because I want Chris and I to recreate the classic American Gothic painting for a portrait someday. More of the same: if we disagree with the Democrats we’re hacks, but the Democrats can advertise for “grassroots” activists and that’s entirely different.

Cenk Uygur is one of those who thinks the current outrage has little to do with health care reform. Writing on Huffington Post, he calls the ugly flair ups “the last gasp of the angry white man.”

Why does the Democratic party constantly try to minimize the presence and contributions that black conservatives have made to the tea party movement? At first I suspected it was because of strategy, but now I’m wondering if it’s just plain ol’ racism. Occam’s razor, folks.

They are willing pawns being manipulated by those who find raw prejudice and passion convenient tools in maintaining the status quo.

Is she talking about the Democratic party? I’m confused.

All joking aside, this is one of the nastiest editorials I’ve read; on par with Harry Reid name-calling dissenting Americans “evil-mongers.” I expected more from the former First Lady of Missouri, more still from someone who’s political career came to pass on the indulgence of this state’s sympathy and tolerance.

H/t and further rumination from the Unablogger.