More astroturfing: Obama to rally “grassroots”

President Barack Obama will Thursday hold a live online and telephone strategy meeting to rally devoted grass roots backers as a backlash over his health reform plan spreads to liberal media commentators.

David Plouffe, who ran Obama’s triumphant 2008 election campaign, and now steers the Organizing for America supporter network, said Obama wanted to lay out his strategy and message, as controversy stalks his major reform plan.

Ah yes, Organizing for America, the weird campaign apparatus of the president. Their logo so often competes with that of the White House’s official seal that I actually think I see the latter less.

What I find so interesting in all of this is that the tea parties – which is a bipartisan grassroots movement comprised of disgruntled Democrats, Libertarians, independents, and Republicans – doesn’t walk a party line. We don’t hold conference calls with party politicians – we don’t even allow politicians to speak at our events.

Obama wants to energize people to help him pass HIS agenda so that he’s not a failure in the Demosphere. This has nothing to do with the will of the people; we’ve seen poll after poll, study after study which shows that support for this legislation and this president’s management of America’s affairs are at an all-time low, yet still he and his administration persist in undermining the will of the people by forcing legislation upon them they they show out in force to protest. Those who protest are beaten. Intimidated. Threatened.

That is not a republic. That is tyranny.