An interesting comparison

I read this article last night and was struck by this graph in particular:

The regime has put blame for Ms Soltan’s murder on fellow demonstrators, the CIA, hostile foreign governments including Britain, and even the BBC, whose Tehran correspondent, Jon Leyne, was accused of organising the shooting to get good pictures.

Neda’s killer has been identified, predictably, the government blames her death on the protesters.

Dr Hejazi said that some of the crowd wanted to lynch him but others were saying: “We’re not killers. Don’t harm him.” All agreed that there was no point in handing him over to the police, so they took his identification cards and let him go.

It sounds familiar. It’s the reason this camera woman was punched in the face by an SEIU-supporting thug; why this man was beaten, this woman was beaten, this man was threatened, why I received threats, the list is endless. In the face of hostility we haven’t engaged. We know that we are being baited, yet the very people trying to tempt us are taking their own bait and the media ignores it. They ignore it because they only wanted to capture the reverse and when that didn’t happen in the townhalls across American, they changed tactics and shifted to making up racially-charged stories and lobbing heinously false accusations, almost as if they’re trying to incite a race war. In a country that elected the first black president, an achievement that trumps all of Europe. Unreal.

It’s an interesting statement they make. They’re ignorantly unaware, but if they’re making the race argument then they are simultaneously invalidating his presidency because if the country was so racist how is it that we elected a black man – even before we elected a woman? Is the media implying that the result was somehow fraudulent? It’s a contradictory premise.

In the meantime, he says, “I am here, I see my countrymen suffering so much and the Western media going silent. People are still doing all they can to show their contempt for this fraudulent Government and putting their lives on the line, but no one is listening. I feel really frustrated and sad.”

Says Dr. Arash Hejazi, the doctor who worked to save Neda.

No, the American media and government won’t listen to the cries of the people in Iran because its too busy ignoring the cries of its own people in its own streets, townhalls, cities across America. Of course they won’t publicly support action against the man who took down Neda because they won’t even publicly condemn the violence their own thugs cause to protesters in our streets here.

How can our country offer supportive words to the people of Iran while denouncing us for standing for prosperity? They call us “un-American,” “evil-mongers,” and when a certain congressman jumps ship to avoid the fallout of his own disastrous actions, his mother comes out and calls the actions of decent Americans exercising their First Amendment rights “treason.”

What good is planting the seed of democracy in the hearts of oppressed people if you’re not going to be there to nurture the sprouts? Even if they tasted liberty on their own, isn’t it better to be surrounded by free people than governmental slaves? Can anyone honestly say that the world would be better off with Iran as it is, oppressing its people, over that of a free Iran? To deny support for fledgling liberty is to deny liberty itself and risk it as a whole.

The precedence of ignoring is a cumulative error.