Democrat operative under investigation

Remember how Jeff Smith, archenemy of Russ Carhanan, was involved in an FBI inquiry? Now we know why. Pass the popcorn.

What a tangled web the Dems weave:

About two months after the October bombing, federal law enforcement officials searched a downtown loft rented by Milton H. “Skip” Ohlsen III, seeking “evidence related to the planning, execution, and/or cover-up of the bombing in Clayton, Missouri, on Oct. 16, 2008.”

Ohlsen in recent weeks has been at the center of a swirling political scandal involving various Missouri Democratic politicians.


Ohlsen is the former Democratic operative involved in the federal investigation into the failed 2004 Congressional campaign of Jeff Smith. Smith, now a state senator from St. Louis, and Steve Brown, a state representative from Clayton, have been involved in that federal inquiry, according to state government sources.

The FBI has said it will neither confirm nor deny an investigation involving Smith’s 2004 run for Congress against eventual winner Russ Carnahan. During that race, Carnahan filed a Federal Elections Commission complaint alleging the campaigns of Smith and Joan Barry skirted federal law by helping produce anonymous fliers that were critical of Carnahan.

One politician sends his mother to do battle for him while he hides out during a time when he should be meeting with his constituents; another works with an operative that allegedly bombs the car of the attorney who represented his wife in a divorce.

Part of me would love to see Carnie and Smith duke it out in another primary again; like a quasi=”Election” but without the stellar performances.