Walmart: “Because moms don’t watch Glenn Beck”

Picture 1Um … excuse me?

Listener Bob contacted Walmart and told them of his plans to cancel his Sam’s Club membership because they caved to the demands of a small, liberal group founded by a close adviser to the president. Wal-Mart’s response?

Walmart Customer Service wrote:
> Thank you for your message.
> Dear Bob,
> Thank you for your letter. We appreciate you taking the time to write and express your opinion. We want to take a minute to help you understand our advertising philosophy, especially as it relates to some cable news shows.
> Our ads are targeted at moms, and fundamentally these ads are about saving people money so they can live better. We buy advertising on shows that run the spectrum politically and socially because we want to be on the programs moms are watching. As our core customer, she is “the boss.” At the same time, we want to make sure our commercials don’t appear in programs that detract from the message we are trying to deliver. [my emphasis]
> While provocative programming can be both interesting and entertaining to its loyal viewers, it can also be polarizing. That’s just not a place we think we should be. The message becomes more about the controversy and less about what we are trying to say to our customers.
> I hope this gives you a better understanding of our position. Thanks again for reaching out to us.
> Sincerely,
> Walmart Customer Care

Dissent is polarizing? Right. Because there are noooo moms out there who totally disagree with the president’s management. Has Walmart seen the polling lately? Because I’m positive that included in the polling data are, GASP, MOTHERS! And not just any mothers, but CONSERVATIVE MOTHERS. But hey, Walmart apparently doesn’t care about advertising to them. A show which highlights the ways that this government has quadrupled the deficit and enslaved out children to a debt they won’t live long enough to repay certainly can have nothing in common with Walmart’s message of saving money.

I’m a bit furious over this. I have shopped Walmart my entire life. I purchased the first package of diapers for my firstborn at Walmart. The first time I ever went shopping with my my sons at the same time was at a Walmart. We shopped at Walmart even when they were under attack from the unions; we didn’t just shop at Walmart during lean times; we shopped there all the time because we thought that they shared our commitment to American values.

I don’t believe that anymore. It’s sad when one of the few stores on whom you can count betrays you after all these years.

I’m not going to pull a hippie and go Whole Foods boycott despite the fact that Walmart has thrived on the indulgence of conservative, middle-America, middle-class dollars – no, I’m going to boycott Walmart because they allowed themselves to be bullied by the president’s adviser. We stood by them all of these years as big labor tried to bring them down and when the tables are turned and we are the people who are under attack, Walmart cuts and runs.

I thought Walmart was one of those companies that believed that the relationship between a business and a customer was more than that.

They don’t.

So Walmart, the next time labor tries to organize you again, don’t count on your base for backup. It’s just too “polarizing. That’s just not a place we think we should be.”

*Here’s some more on Walmart from Newsbusters:

Walmart recently “flabbergasted” the National Retail Federation after throwing in for Obama’s employer mandate on healthcare. Walmart also has a PAC, of which 64% goes to Democrats in the latest cycle. Oh, one other thing, Walmart’s CEO signed the letter announcing this change. Under his signature was the signature of Andrew Stern, President of the Service Employees International Union, and Obama abettor John Podesta, who is chief executive for the Center for American Progress. Why? The SEIU is a union that Glenn has been particularly vocal in outing as an arm of the Obama administration. They land at #9 on the Heavy Hitters list with $27.5 million going to politicians, 95% of which went to Democrats (and no, the other 5% did not go to Republicans.) On the other hand, it’s nice to see Walmart finally carrying Glenn’s books.

You know, Andy Stern, SEIU, the purple-shirted people who’ve caused violence at past town halls?

I’m canceling my Sam’s membership asap. I encourage you to do the same.

**Defend Glenn Beck site. Includes as info and racist speech by Color of Change founder and presidential adviser.