Another quick note

It was brought to my attention that out there on the innernetz is an anti-St. Louis Tea Party blog desperate for traffic and obscure enough to provide smears for content, which has been using my photographs without my permission.

I don’t have a problem with people who start dissenting blogs, I, unlike some people, love dissent! I think dissent is patriotic. What I don’t think is patriotic is when someone steals my copyrighted images for use, without credit, on their website. Those who’ve used my images have always asked, maybe that’s there’s a difference there, but the photos I’m referencing were used without my permission. Maybe some don’t know, but I legally protect my intellectual property and have never lost. If you’re going to try to author a blog critical of a political movement, have the wherewithal to not leech off the content of the very people whom you criticize and make your own content.

*Update: A listener emailed (h/t for the discovery) and said that they said as much in the comments on the website but that the blog author removed his comment. Good grief.

**Apparently they’ve started removing some of my copyrighted images. In the spirit of goodwill I’ll give them the change to remove ALL my images before I pursue it further.

***Apparently this particular blogger has a serious problem with reading comprehension (and no, I’m not giving them the traffic which they crave). Since I have to explain it short of drawing a pie chart, this blogger got told for stealing copyrighted images – not for their dissent. No one gives a rat’s bass about their dissent. Dissent away! But don’t steal other people’s property. Copyright infringement isn’t a free speech issue. DURRR.