An affair to remember with … Robin Carnahan?

I don’t like getting involved in people’s personal lives, talking about their children, et al. because it’s a tool of the left and I have an aversion to their tactics.

That being said, I don’t appreciate the way in which the Missouri left has tried to distract from the fact that Americans have lost faith in liberal leaders by smearing the personal lives of people like Roy Blunt. People have long stopped paying attention to their made up stories that Blunt had an affair. Blunt isn’t even my BFF; it’s well-known that Bill and I wouldn’t allow him to speak at the July 4th Tea Party. Regardless, I don’t care who the politician is, I don’t like seeing such thuggishness lobbed at any candidate. It could very easily be turned around, like Katie Favazza demonstrates with Robin Carnahan. Her article is a must-read.

So please, let’s stick to the issues.