It’s a doozy: my counter piece to 2nd Amendment and townhalls

Settle in and grab some popcorn.

The difference is that the people who began originally going to these townhall meetings did so to air months of grievances brought on by this congress’s unwillingness to discuss healthcare; the majority of Americans do not support this legislation and congress refuses to listen. The president gets two hours of network airtime to pitch his legislation with no rebuttal allowed, not even by way of a paid commercial. Republicans were barred from amending legislation in the House. The Patients’ Choice Act, a brilliant list of ideas, was wholly ignored by Democrats. Of course people who feel that their government isn’t listening are going to be upset! Especially if their elected official is Eric Massa. But they wait their turn at the mic and sit down and clap politely for others after. The worst is that some congressperson is asked in heated tones why they exempted themselves from this reportedly-fabulous healthcare program they’re proposing.