Show 93


On deck:

– News on Tuesday’s St. Louis-led Whole Foods “Buycott.”
– Call-ins from tonight’s IBEW counter-protest; astroturfers are joining with IBEW to trump up inflated support for the health care executive power legislation.
– WWJD on HCR?
– Another argument I hear from libs is that US life expectancy is lower than that of Europe’s, and libs credit socialist healthcare. First, it’s barely lower, and secondly, that’s not the reason. I’ll explain why.

LASTLY. If you’re going to tonight’s counter-protest, astroturfers want to provoke violence, when not perpetrating it themselves. Don’t take the bait. Remember grace.

8pm CST. The only Conservative Alternative.

Watch this space as I’ll be uploading with prep and resources, plus bumper music list, as usual.

* 24th State has a photo of the big ol’ bus that the “grassroots” Obamacare astroturfers had at tonight’s rally:

Picture 3

That broken health-care system keeps lengthening lives

YouTube – Minister Arrested for Freaking Out at Anti Healthcare Reform Protest

Gateway Pundit: Tea Party Counter-Protester SMASHES ATTENDEE In the Face With His Elbow & Disrupts Meeting (Video)

Pollster: Obama slide no fluke » Flashback: Obama Thinks Partisan Attacks by Surrogates Are the President’s Fault

*La tunes de bumper:
Dana Show Theme The Cult “She Sells Sanctuary
David Bowie “Rebel, Rebel
Andrew WK “Party Hard
Marilyn Manson “The Dope show
King Britt “New World in My View
Johnny Cash “God’s Gonna Cut You Down
Smithereens “Girl Like You
Pat Benatar “Invincible