Astroturfers unite at IBEW protest

As discussed on my show last night, the counter-protest to the IBEW-astroturf rally last night in sough St. Louis went well. Organizing for America, the president’s on-going campaign group, phone-banked only a couple hundred supporters, mostly middle-aged Americans and older organizers, to the IBEW hall where Charlie Dooley spoke and Russ Carnahan promised the world, according to several conservatives who had gotten inside.

Picture 3Supporters of the president’s legislation hurled slurs, insults, and other things they would define as hate speech on any other day to those outside peacefully protesting the president’s health care legislation. One in particular seemed to think (or maybe he was ordered) it was his duty to get in Bill Hennessy’s face but that’s all that happened.

The astroturfers had a very expensive rockstar tour bus, compare that with the old military vehicle someone loaned us for use during the demonstration; only pre-approved, printed Obamacare signs were allowed inside. The Obamacare-supporting lady who stomped on my feet and tried to shove me off the sidewalk after I asked her a question last Saturday was there; she kept wasting taxpayer dollars by calling the police because she apparently found a difference of opinion threatening. Unreal. The police laughed at the claims.

Jim Hoft has a report, as does Sharp Elbows. The ponytail guy was at the McCaskill Hillsboro event and one of the dudes giving me janky looks.