Whole Foods “Buycott”: what you need to know

Our Whole Foods here is stocking up for St. Louis tea partiers, but other groups in other cities still in the planning stages can work to establish similar set-ups with their Whole Foods stores by working with the manager.

We will be at the Whole Foods TOWN AND COUNTRY location, so come shop and enjoy the camaraderie of other free-market-supporting conservatives by shopping at Whole Foods Town and Country beginning at 6 p.m.

Whole Foods Town and Country on Twitter.

– Ground zero for the event will be through the flower entrance next to the coffee bar; after 7pm you can meet everyone in the dining area

– Whole Foods will have whole rotisserie chickens for only $5.99 for tea party dinner on the premises that evening

– The store will have beer and wine samples available

– Whole Foods’ regional manage is coming from Chicago for this

– Sales noted by chalkboards throughout the store as well as yellow signage

– Whole Foods is emptying their cases for “value packs” for us as I type. We have 35 dollars in coupons available, plus there will be sales on fruits, watermelon, cheese, steak and shrimp skewers 10 for $10; look for one of us distributing these at the entrance

– Remember to give your receipts to Gina so that we can tally the financial effect

– The store will have workers available for vendors/farmers who are local who would like to get their product into their store; watch for these folks and support them for coming and supporting free market principles

– Whole Foods Town and Country has really gone out of their way to stock up for all of us and create sales. Show them your support.


– No signs. This is NOT a protest – a “buycott” is the OPPOSITE of a protest, we are going there to SUPPORT. There is a big difference. We don’t want provocation.  We’ll get all the attention we need with the lift we give their top line.

– As you have always done, please continue to act with grace, even if pestered by someone who does not believe in free speech or the expression thereof.

These stores LOVE your business; look how easily they worked with us here in St. Louis!

See you tomorrow!