September 8: Keep Your Kids Home Day (National Day of Truancy)

I love observances.

Apparently there was a lot of reaction to my latest post in which I suggested that we keep our kids home on September 8thothers came to the same conclusion and are expressing the same sentiments, and even more are taking all of it to heart.

In light of this, parents who realize that this country’s government is to work for them, THE PEOPLE, and not the elected class, are immensely concerned with the president’s message to our children on September 8th. President Obama is scheduled to speak to all schoolchildren on the 8th.

This is all fine and dandy, but have you actually read the crux of this presentation?

The focus is on being submissive to government. Anyone with the reading comprehension of a three-toed sloth can deduce this. Yes, we obey our laws and give respect to what our elected officials say but THAT IS A TWO-EAY STREET. Our elected leaders don’t shove legislation down our throats that we, the majority, are against. Our elected leaders don’t threaten to pass things with reconciliation. Jeebus, I could go on.

So the St. Louis crew began talking … and as we have made friends with other working-class folks who’ve assumed a leadership role in other cities, we started talking to them as well.

We’re announcing September 8th, 2009 as National Keep Your Kids at Home Day, or, my favorite, National Truancy Day. *BUT! Since not everyone is as smart-alecked as me, we’ve a different name, one that won’t have those on the left prone to tantrums screeching about encouraging truancy and crap. Jeebus. (Personally, I say SKIP. SKIP DAY. The president skipped the National Day of Prayer, it’s only fitting.)

Anyway – that is not the official name. You’ll know that after tomorrow morning. /edit.

Stay tuned – much more on this shortly.

*A good idea; though I don’t consider it as “running away;” rather, I consider it as taking a day to receive a better lesson that the one intended and sending a message to the establishment: our kids are OUR kids. Plus, FIELD TRIP FTW!