Um, what about separation of church and state?

You know, that oft misquoted idea, not phrase, from Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists that was somehow polluted, twisted, and turned into something Constitutional, though it’s not anywhere in the Constitution? The left likes to use this as a weapon against churches, but what of the president’s idea now to astroturf churches?

From Hot Air:

UHCAN Ohio is looking to engage in a short term contract with a person who has a background in working with faith communities in the Southwest Ohio area, primarily Cincinnati and its suburbs. The purpose of the contract is to engage faith community leaders to communicate with their congregations about the movement for national health care reform. We want to provide them with materials that will assist them to talk about the moral issues involved in the lack of health care for a large portion of our population, and the desire to do it during this great debate on health care in this country.

Your tax dollars at work.