“Hall Pass on That” to counter Obama’s 9/8 address

This morning I announced the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition’s “Hall Pass on That” program, the counter to the President’s upcoming September 8th address to school kids on “Fox and Friends.”

The website is live now and features suggestions,, action steps, and materials for parents.

Nationwide Tea Party Coalition Announces
“Hall Pass on That” for September 8th Presidential Address

ST. LOUIS, MO – The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition announces “Hall Pass on That,” the alternative to President Barack Obama’s September 8th address to school children across the nation. The group asks that schools who choose to participate in the president’s September 8th program offer an alternative to students and families who do not wish to view, or have their children view, a partisan address or participate in activities that did not follow proper educational protocol or obtain parental consent.

Dana Loesch, national spokesperson for the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, announced the launch of the “Hall Pass on That” website, http://www.hallpassonthat.com, created to provide tools and other resources to parents who oppose the Department of Education’s proposed presidential program. “We are suggesting several action steps parents can take if they do not approve of their children participating in a partisan presentation conducted without their consent.” The four steps proposed by the Coalition:

1. Contact the child’s school to find out whether or not your school is participating in the president’s September 8th program.

2. If your child’s school is participating, ask what alternatives there are for the children of families who wish their students learn about the establishment of the country respective to the Founding Father’s intentions. Discussion can focus on the Constitution, the definition and actions of a republic, and the responsibility of elected leaders to their constituents.

3. Ask if the school can excuse your child from the presentation and instead receive a DVD of the address and copy of the activity directives to be evaluated by parents at a later date.

4. Request a meeting with the school board, superintendent, and principal to inquire as to why parents were excluded from the decision-making process of this event.

Katrina Pierson, member of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, described some of the tools available on http://www.hallpassonthat.com: “We will provide alternative lesson plans to the ones initially sent out by President Obama’s Department of Education. Those plans, which people can download from the site, were uncomfortably partisan with no real focus on how our officials serve the people, not vice-versa. Our alternative lesson plans also focus appropriately on the role of parents in the education plan for every child.”

The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition cannot afford to extend this administration the courtesy of any doubt when it comes to the education of our children and our schools are not the place to present one-sided agendas, especially without parental consent.


Yes, presidents have spoken to schoolchildren before, but when circumstances required it. President Ronald Reagan addressed students after the Challenger shuttle disaster was witnessed live by millions of schoolchildren; George H. W. Bush addressed students as part of the effort to counteract the growing drug use amongst the youth.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan issued directives to principals of locals schools, bypassing the school boards and superintendents of those districts – but most importantly, bypassing parental notification or consent. Conservative parents are further concerned as the material issued by the Department of Education focuses on the president’s partisan agenda was crafted with help from the president’s White House Teaching Fellows, some of whom are activists with documented hostility towards the very tenents of our republic. The responsibility of this nation’s government to its people is completely obscured by questions to students that strictly detail response and submission to the president’s wishes.

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