Irony defined

If you send an email implying harm towards the children of the recipient? Maybe don’t send it from your job where your job is at a school and you work with kids. I don’t take such things lightly, folks. Name omitted because my purpose isn’t to be vengeful but to say HEY PEOPLE. CHILLAX. I do take even implied threats seriously.

Hey Studpid Woman!
You are such an insult to motherhood. “National Day of Truancy,” give me a break. While you are asking parents to keep kids from school if the Obama speech is aired is the most horrible thing I have ever heard. Did you ever think about the safe haven that schools provide for some children. Most of the ignorant people who share your feelings are the so called “conservative Christians!” May I ask what God are you praying too. I really feel sorry for your children having you for a mom. How narrow minded you are. Wow, to think that staying in school and getting an education, now that’s some bad advice. I’m so glad I don’t live in your city, because I would picket your show until you were off the air. Talking about wasting money! The president is of the African American race and you can’t look past it. I hope one day your children are in a situation when the only one that could save them from a tragedy is an African-American and that person does save your child. Maybe then you will think different. Oh, by the way I am a middle class white woman from Texas. You probably thought I was black, didn’t you. YOU DISGUST ME!