Quincy, Illinois school district won’t show Obama speech *UPDATED

*UPDATED. Good on those schools for standing up and realizing that the school board, superintendents, and parents weren’t given a choice in this. KUDOS to them and their great leadership.

Remember, it’s school choice. Like I said, it’s not like the kids are learning anything; it’s akin to sub-day and having the teacher pop a VHS of “1984” into the old-timey VCR and pushing the roll-away TV cart into the classroom.

The Quincy School District is taking a great approach: offering DVDs to parents who wish to view the address and participate in the activities with their child instead of mandating that all students participate in a program which leap-frogged over the school boards, superintendent, and protocol, sans parent consent.

Choice, people. Isn’t that a mantra of the left?

**This from Barry:

Francis Howell Middle School: We have had several calls regarding the President’s speech that will be aired on September 8, 2009 at 12:00 pm. It appears this speech is causing a great deal of discussion for school districts across the country. My suggestion to parents is that if they feel this speech is something they want their children to see, they can tape it and watch it with their children after school. Teachers are encouraged to teach their curriculum every day and September 8 will be no different. After teachers have listened to the President’s message, those who feel it ties to their curriculum can use it in their classes on a later date. If they choose to do this, they will first inform parents of when and how they will use the speech in class.
Amy E. Johnston, Principal