Schools not showing 9/8 address – Missouri

Hearing back from a lot of parents after they contacted their schools. The list of districts not showing the partisan address is growing.

From Windsor Schools in Imperial, MO:

We have been fielding questions from parents on the topic of, “Are we making arrangements for the viewing of President Obama’s speech to our students on Sept. 8th.”

The district will not be viewing the address with the students at school at this time. The district’s position is that we are only supporting our district’s pre-approved curriculum (i.e.documentaries, movies, videos, etc.).  Our practice is to review all curriculum content before we incorporate such into our instructional schedule; time does not allow us to do this.  We hope this decision will not be mis-interpreted to be non-supportive of our President.  There are resources we will be able to utilize that will allow us to pre-approve President Obama’s speech afterwards, and make it available in the classroom, should the teacher request this as part of their curriculum.   Parents have many avenues for their students to listen to President Obama’s speech on non-school time, and gives them the discretion as to what they will allow and support on a personal level.  If you as a parent would like to view the Address with your child at home, you can find it at.

Dr. Robert Borman

From Kirkwood Schools:

Thank you for your letter. We appreciate hearing from our community on issues that may be controversial.. We have had many calls, e-mails, and personal conversations regarding the President’s speech on September 8. As a result of many of the issues that you point out in your e-mail, we have issued the following directions to our principals and staff regarding the viewing of the President’s speech. Again, thank you for your e-mail.

Best wishes.


We are advising you (building principals) to not alter regular school day activities on September 8 in order to view the President’s speech. As a district, it is our practice to use various instructional resources to support student learning.. We also ask our teachers to preview all resources=2 0in order to determine connections and relevancy to our curriculum. We have limited information about the content of the speech. We ask that you not use the activities provided by the U.S. Department of Education. As is our practice, instructional resources should be aligned with the district’s curriculum.

If teachers feel it is appropriate for their class and curricular objectives, they may review the broadcast and use the speech in an instructional lesson at a later date. As is our practice, we will honor any student who wishes to “opt out” or whose parent requests an “opt out” from viewing.

And this from Twitter:

Citing “district curriculum demands and the need to maximize instructional time” Odessa, MO School Dist declines to air the president’s speech.”

Also hearing that McKelvey, Archdiocese of St. Louis schools, Fox School District, and Fort Zumwalt schools are not presenting students with the address or activities and instead, focusing on the three R’s. Francis Howell demands that teachers provide an alternative for kids who choose to opt out of the presentation.