Terrorist-loving celebs boycott Jews

The only thing that has changed about Jane Fonda over the years is the distance between her neathage and her shoes.

Pssst! You're trying too hard.

Pssst! You're trying too hard.

An Oscar-winning rabbi is condemning the actions of Jane Fonda, Danny Glover and Eve Ensler — claiming their decision to boycott the Toronto International Film Festival is “an attack on the heart and soul of Israel.”
It’s all over a program featured in the festival called “City to City” — which honors Tel Aviv’s 100th anniversary by spotlighting 10 Israeli films.

Fonda, Glover and Ensler have decided to boycott the festival and signed their name to a letter sent to festival officials — a letter that claims Tel Aviv was built on “thousands of destroyed Palestinian villages” and that the program “ignores the suffering of thousands of former residents and descendants.”

Now, Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center is blasting the the actors — and everyone else who signed the letter — claiming “Whoever would sign on to a campaign like this would support the complete destruction of Israel.”


After TMZ published their piece Fonda responded:

“I, in no way, support the destruction of Israel. I am for the two-state solution. I have been to Israel many times and love the country and its people.”

I realize that it may be difficult for Fonda to hear the discussion, what, with her head so firmly entrenched up the backside of Hamas, but she should at least learn that the terror group refuses to even recognize Israel’s existence, so the utopia of a two-state solution is impossible. I suppose she expects Israel to concede more than they have already? So what, next time just not act to defend its citizens when Hamas lobs rockets over and sends suicide bombers into their territory during cease-fires? Because that’s how the most recent skirmish started.