Update on Dick Durbin’s top secret town hall

I posted about this yesterday; I’ve heard from numerous people in the area that local media kept it under wraps and that those attending were urged to keep it quiet, a wish they respected, it seems. Quincy News reports:

The meeting lasted about an hour and was invitation only for the panelists and members of the media. Members of the general public showed up outside Blessing Hospital to attend and were turned away.

Just another dog and pony show from an elected official too concerned with his congressional seat to repair the major disconnect between himself and the people he was elected to serve.

Note the excellent comment below the article, after reading:

The loss of a teaching job for the mom and bank position for that dad is a blow. Then their son needs brain surgery. Everyone’s heart goes out to them about this.

If you think about it…This is not a health care issue. The son had surgery and he’s ok. The problem is mom and dad lost jobs that aren’t easily found in this community at this time.

Exactamundo. Durbin needs a check on logic, too. Health care, like so many other industries, can be fixed only if the economy isn’t circling the drain.