More on the Hall Pass initiative

My latest for Blogher. The left likes to get on me in the comments over there.

This brings me to the scope of the speech and materials given. The White House says that the president wants to speak about doing good in school. Great! Kids hear it all the time, I don’t see the urgency in taking time away from schoolchildren to reiterate a message that has become almost a daily affirmation in today’s pop-culture. We really have no idea as to the details of the speech; the president has set a precedence of not using the most awesome judgement when it comes to wording things. What if his teleprompter were to break?

I read the materials on September 1st when I first wrote about the address; I came to the same conclusion of manyother parents: the focus of the materials is on how the people can serve the government. Obeying your leaders is fantastic and all, but only if it’s reciprocated. Considering that the campaign arm of this president recently called many of these parents “domestic terrorists” in a tribute to 9/11 does nothing to convince people that this respect is viable, two-way street. What we have here is a massive dose of irony: the president breaking the rules to lecture students about following the rules.