Palestinians mad at Madonna

The million dollar question is who aren’t they mad at?

Madonna, performed the last stop of her Sticky and Sweet tour in Tel Aviv and later met with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Tzipi Livni.

One Orthodox rabbi tried to get her to show “respect” for the Jewish faith by wearing “more modest” clothing during her two performances, but the request fell on deaf ears, and the concerts featured the usual skimpy costumes that her fans have come to expect.

“She looked amazing, especially for her age — but not really what I would consider an ‘observant’ Jewish woman’s dress,” said Rachel Homesh, a teenager who attended one of the gigs.

Well, this is Madonna. I kinda liked her music when I was a kid, and appreciated her hooks on the radio, but I lost interest after “Bedtime Stories” mostly because I’m a Cure and Cult kinda girl. The heightened irony in how she advances her beliefs while yet offending some of their tenets with her stage attire is usual from most in Hollywood, but because she’s one of those rare celebrities who do not butt-kiss terrorists and feign offense, her attire is on the back burner – but not off the stove. (I believe that such faith-lite practices actually pose more harm to religions than any outside criticism or actions because people leave the fold for two reasons: 1) because they notice the double-standard; 2) they didn’t listen to Journey’s advice and stopped believin’.)

The decision to drape Madonna in the Star of David — handed to her by someone in the audience — sparked fury from Palestinians. Hania Bitar, director-general of the Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation, said the move had led to protests in the West Bank and Gaza. She also criticised Madonna for not meeting with any Palestinian politicians or visiting the occupied territories.

Celebrity does not equal obligation. Those are political figures, and even then, political figures are not obligated to meet with entities whose ruler is a terrorist organization infamous for using women and children as shields.

It almost sounds like I’m defending Madonna, which, in a way, Katy bar the door I am. No worries – this does not mean that I’m going to start listening to mind-numbing dance-pop or wear conehead brasseries.