Education Secretary Arne Duncan calls parental concern “silly stuff”

It just keeps coming. This administration proves over and over again that they could care less about the rights and concerns of the American people.

Just this morning Education Secretary Arne Duncan brushed aside parental concern on “Face the Nation,” saying that he “just doesn’t pay attention to that stuff,” and reiterating: “So I don’t spend any time on the silly stuff.”

Keeping their parents involved is “silly?” Notifying them and following proper protocol with regards to the educational hierarchy is stuff that the education secretary doesn’t deserve his attention?

Michelle Moore, a videographer for the St. Louis Tea Party, was on Fox this morning to explain how she feels about the presidential address and how she is approaching it with her public school kids.

I announced the initiative with the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition on “Fox and Friends” Thursday morning; Michelle explained then the actions she was going to take in her school if her district decided to show the address.

*Discussing the topic with Scott and Liz over at The B-Cast.

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