Van Jones resigns

About time.

I wonder if the media will 1) report it with proper attention since his ridiculous remarks haven’t seemed too important to them and 2) whether it will be accurately reported as a man who chose to behave irrationally, smear and slur Americans thus jeopardizing his job with this administration, or whether the left will have a conniption and say that he was taken down by the Vast Ring Wing Conspiracy (VRWC). Funny how he waited til Labor Day weekend to make the smallest of splashes. Or so he thought.

This is astounding news because it means that the administration is no longer immune. They can be affected.

(Begs the question as to how the left can call conservatives the minority while ignoring the polls yet referring to them in such a contradictory manner, but hey, logic isn’t the strongest suit of some.)

**The more I think about this the more I’m amused. Van Jones’s group declared war on Glenn Beck and tried to ruing him financially. Glenn Beck and conservative grassroots fired back and what, NOW Jones is all “woe is me?” If you can’t stand take it don’t dish it.

*UPDATE: Told ya. Check that headline. No, Van Jones resigned because of stuff like this and this. So how is the GOP to blame for pointing out that the guy’s a kook?

The White House says little.

* Ed Driscoll updates his piece on Jones.

* The AP plays it fairly even-handed, except the ignore the weight of Jones’ offenses. That’s great that he apologized, but did he mean it or was it to save face? His remarks reveal a deep disconnect between the purpose of our government and his fundamental liberal ideology.

*Amerikeith reports and says that all the czars should be disassembled in such a manner.

*Major kudos to Jim Hoft for kickin’ it hardcore Lois Lane-style and running this story up the flagpole.

*Political Byline says that liberals will be out to hunt bear in revenge of conservatives quoting Van Jones’s own words back at him.

*Keith Olbermannsausage is late to the train and now wants to take out Glenn Beck. He asks the liberal blogosphere to continue with their smears but just send them to him from now on.

*LA Times: Tonight, right around midnight, the bewitching hour when not by chance few media were paying attention, those hours ran out for Jones.

*Fox News: This will embolden critics of the administration. As I said above, the administration is no longer immune.