A note on the presidential speech to kids

Because the trolls sending me emails from bunk addresses full of feigned rage and a few other folks just don’t get it.

I don’t care what is in the speech. Anyone who’s spent a even a modicum amount of time processing the parental concern over this issue would realize that this is about PARENTAL RIGHTS.

The administration bypassed an entire locally-selected educational hierarchy. Parents were not notified in advance and releasing pertinent  information on Labor Day when the majority of families are vacationing and enjoying the remnants of summer doesn’t cut it. It’s a weak attempt at righting the wrong of excluding parental participation. It saddens me that people expect so little of their government by way of inclusion and respect. It saddens me that people feel that their right to parent is secondary to whatever the government wants to do. In Broward County, Florida, one school made it mandatory for children to watch the speech and participate in activities.

I don’t care if the president’s speech is about kittens and unicorns or mandatory military service: NO ONE has the right to supersede parental rights and omit their permission in ANYTHING. This establishes a precedence and the only reason that the White House amended wording in the activities and possibly the speech – who knows, really? I’m trying to give the benefit of the doubt here – is because of parental uproar.

That’s what this is about, for those who simply do not understand.

*Hillsboro schools here in Missori said that they were going to preview the president’s remarks first and send permission slips home with the kids to gauge later viewing. This is how it was done when I was in school and H.W. Bush spoke to us about drugs.