Kids on presidential address: “Meh”

More on the reaction to the president’s address and student reactions, this time from USA Today:

After a handful of talk show hosts, including Dana Loesch on her radio program The Dana Show, complained about the speech and urged parents to keep kids home from school, districts across the USA gave parents the choice to let their kids opt out of the televised speech.

Several of the students and one of the principals they interviewed reiterated what I said Sunday night, that this isn’t a groundbreaking message. Kids are told to work hard, obey their parents, and stay in school all the time. To consume so much time for another message of the same? And then have the White House bungle it up last week resulting in the controversy? Why they didn’t just shut everybody up by saying “GAWSH. HERE. Here it is!” boggles the mind. They made it exponentially more dramatic than necessary. It’s the White House. Not a Mexican soap opera*.

Rest assured that we won’t be holding hearings for it and calling for investigations.

Archive of the issue here.

*Youtubing “telenovela catfight” results in:

Comedy gold.