NAACP cries racism on 9/8 presidential address

Picture 2I’m surprised it took this long for this card to be thrown out. Video from KMOV. Clicky to watch.

Reverend Rice of the St. Louis NAACP said that race was the determining factor in some school district’s decision in not broadcasting Obama’s speech to their students.

So now it’s “racist” to speak out against a power grab from the executive branch, to say that it’s not right for the government to supersede parental authority in the realm of education.

Smearing people with trumped-up, hateful terms whenever they disagree with policy in a very detailed manner? Ignoring the intellect of the argument and invoking bigotry? Overlooking the president’s faults in this legislation and in his past policy moves because of his race and condemning those who don’t do the same? That’s racism.