Why is hope and change so crabby?

Maybe it’s just me, but hope and change acts like it’s got a stick up its butt. To wit:

Picture 1
STERN. Was this before or after he told us that he was going to call us out for dissent?

Picture 3

Nancy Pelosi looks as though she’s going to caw and fly from the dais to go peck out Joe Wilson’s eyes. Pelosi definitely thinks that calling patriots “unAmerican” isn’t as bad as calling someone out on a falsehood. Come on! Wilson can’t help it if he’s read the bill.

Picture 4

Jim Hoft has video of Barack Obama and the rest of the Democratic congress standing up to hoot, holler, and clap to interrupt Bush’s speech. Bush at least had enough good humor to smile in response.

Picture 5

They’re smiling at the Democrats and not acting like a bunch of southern belles.

How thin skinned are these Democrats?

Like I said all last night, the president’s campaign apparatus used 9/11 to call us “domestic terrorists” simply because we have different ideas about health care – and liberals remain SILENT. Now they’re going to pretend that they have some sort of more high ground? Because Joe Wilsom called Obama a liar right after Obama called US liars, said we were “irresponsible” and spread “misinformation?” Considering that the man is on record of not even having read the bill, voters have spent all summer reading this bill, and Republicans have been holding study groups on it, who do you think is a better source of accuracy as to what is or isn’t in this legislation?

P.S. Waiting for that apology, Organizing for America.