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My oldest son was but six months old on 9/11/01. We gathered as a very young, little family in our living room and watched the towers crumble on live television.

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What did I bring him into? I wondered as he jumped up and down in his bouncy car.

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If you don’t choke up still every year on Patriot Day there is something wrong. If your heart is not resolved against those who preach a false peace and wage war against innocents, there is something wrong. If you find yourself making excuses for their hatred, there is something wrong. If you’d rather go about your day without being bothered to take a moment of silence for our American brethren who were murdered on September 11th then for you, they died in vain.

The apathetic do not deserve the fruit of patriot labor.

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We are so blessed in this country. My generation has not seen struggle for freedom, except on our televisions. We cannot ever make the mistake that time is a buffer between us and our struggle for freedom. If 9/11 taught us anything, it’s that our way of life, our freedoms can be challenged at anytime, anywhere.

If we’re like our Founding Fathers, we will be ready because liberty requires vigilance. It’s not a burden, it’s a privilege. We will be ready and we will stand because what we have is worth fighting for, be it in battle, be it online, on the airwaves, in congress, be it in prayer.

I will never forget.