9/13 show

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9/12, ACORN video, Jonathan – operator of Quincy, Illinois’ free courtesy bus for those too drunk to drive home, is being hassled by the city council and may be prohibited
from giving people a safe, alternative way home and reducing drunk driving accidents, because his work impedes the town from collecting DUI fines.

Also Cool Points; I’ll upload tunes list next chance I get.

*The AFTERMATH photo I inquired about: compare the aftermath of the inauguration to that of the 9/12 march. PRICELESS. (h/t: Lorraine) **Gateway Pundit had the same idea.

*Jonathan at Courtesy Shuttle: a full-time college student who turned the tragedy from losing his friend to a drunk driver to an inspirational idea – he gives free rides to Quincy, Illinois folks who are too drunk to drive. Those people now have an alternative as taxis end their services well before the bars close. He goes all week and said that he picks up a few hundred people a night on the weekends. He doesn’t charge and subsists on tips. His number: 309.826.8930 and 217.577.4400.

CNSNews.com – Obama Pitched Universal Health Care to Students in Meeting Prior to His Speech on Education

Obama’s Lies Matter, Too: The president pushes back against health care misinformation, then spreads a bunch of his own. – Reason Magazine


Crowd drowns out CNN reporter – she’s than Susan Rosegen

Obama’s scare tactics in congressional address

Gibbs addressing the tea partiers

Obama falls flat on tort reform

Of course Obama won’t support tort reform; he admits that he doesn’t here

Howard Dean admitted at a town hall on August 26th that Dems oppose tort reform because they’d lose support of the trial lawyers

Joe Wilson: “I’m not going to apologize again.” Because you already did. Wish he had the brass to NOT apologize in the first place

Woman from ACORN brings HER KID to the DC event and punches some woman in the face

Andrew Breitbart: “If it’s a war you want, it’s a war you are going to get.”

David Axelrod to tea partiers: “You’re wrong.”