Sharpton-wannabe demands superintendent resign for not showing Obama speech

Again, I’m not going to say that I told you so.

Read the entire article, but I quoted the most ridiculous portions below.

The Rev. Floyd Rose called for Valdosta City School Superintendent Dr. Bill Cason’s resignation Monday night.


Rose said Cason’s reasons for not showing the speech were that it did not align with the Georgia Performance Standards that are the basis for school lesson plans and that the speech and the lesson plans provided would cut into instructional time.


“Here is what I know, here is what you know, here is what the hundreds of people here and out in the street know,” Rose said. “If Dr. Cason were black and 80 percent of the school children in his district were white, and he arbitrarily decided not to allow white children to watch a white president’s ‘back to school’ speech,’ and whites came here tonight in the numbers that blacks have come to protest, he would resign, or be fired. And we are here to demand no less.”


During Cason’s run down of other school system’s decision a person from the audience shouted, “Those schools are not 80 percent black.”


Cason said that what has hurt him the most were the students at the high school who he had considered as students he was on “gentlemanly terms” who turned their backs on him last week when he was at the school.

The comment got applause from the audience.

So the Sharpton-wannabe is essentially advocating for an erosion of locality and a compromise of the school administration’s effectiveness because the students of this Georgia school are 80% black. Skin color should not matter – locality exists to protect the students and it’s a shame that this “reverend” is so hung up on race – it’s almost like he’s advocating for them to be second-class citizens by arguing that it’s OK for the state to break the law in predominately black school districts.

He makes his argument based upon the assumption that if Obama’s race were reversed, it wouldn’t be an issue – pay no mind that another superintendent, who happens to be black, referenced in the article also said no to the speech. I guess he’s racist, too.