Student beaten on bus; police say may have been racially motivated

Picture 5A 17-year-old Belleville student mercilessly beat another student who was simply looking for a seat on the school bus. The victim did not behave aggressively in tapes released by the Belleville Police Department and only tried to defend himself.

The bus driver did nothing to stop this unprovoked attack. Many students egged it on. Had this been reversed, Al Sharpton would be in the Lou by now decrying the racist school district.

But as the kid is white, nothing will be done, no press conferences held in his name, no pressure on the school, no one will call Belleville “racist.” I hate racial arguments such as these because nothing good ever comes from them. The hoopla is made, there is no progress in relations, in fact they are worsened by total inaction when the situation is reversed, which seems to me racial itself.

Liberals and groups like the Rainbow Coalition and the NAACP need to understand that the rules they try to set must be equally applied both ways for consistency and validity. The condemnation should be just as severe were the victim black and not white.