Your second programming note

I’ll be on the local news tonight at 10, KMOV 4 to be precise, to discuss the Belleville beat down.

Racism of any kind is heinous. Horrible. B.T. Rice, head of the St. Louis NAACP spoke to KMOV as well; he suggested that people may be resentful of having a black man for a president.

Can we seriously get past race? NO ONE CARES what color President Obama’s skin is, no conservative ever in my acquaintance has ever remarked on it except to say “HEY. It is cool at least that we can claim a societal success over Europe and every other industrialized nation who’ve YET to elect anyone of color.”

What people are resentful over is being emotionally blackmailed with the race card any time they disagree with the president’s policies. Were people who disagreed with Sarah Palin sexist or did they just disagree with her platform?

Video courtesy of Brian.